Test Heater Before Winter

Issues to Look for When You Start Your Heater for the First Time this Winter

When the weather starts to change and the temperature calls for a little help to warm up your home, there are some issues to look out for when you start your heater for the first time. Many of these issues can be found in furnaces, heat pumps, and other types of heating systems and are

Afford Home Comfort

6 Reasons Home Comfort is a Luxury You Should Be Able to Afford

Your home is where you relax after a hard day’s work and where you entertain your guests. Everyone wants to make their home as comfortable as possible, but maybe you shy away from what you consider to be expensive luxuries. Many people do. Of course the HVAC system is one superb comfort you can hardly

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Saving Money with Multizone HVAC Systems

Central air is one of the best inventions for making your daily life more comfortable. Being able to keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer has made our daily lives just that much more comfortable. However, it leaves a lot to be desired in operating efficiency and the money you spend

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Quick Guide to Purchasing Water Heaters

How to Choose a Water Heater Next to heating and cooling, water heating is the next biggest consumer of energy in your home. So whether you’re looking to replace a heater in an existing home or you’re looking at options of water heating for a new home, it pays to do some research. The first

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Extreme Weather Can Affect the Air in Your Home

When heat waves, blizzards or violent thunderstorms are in the forecast, most people take shelter in their homes, hunkering down to wait out Mother Nature’s harshest punishment. But when terrible weather strikes your home may not be quite the safe refuge you think it is. The air inside your home is often compromised by irritants,

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Is the Water in Your Home Safe to Drink?

With the recent revelations about lead contamination of the water supply in Flint, Michigan, people everywhere are concerned about the safety of their own drinking water. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says more than 90 percent of the country’s water reserves meet its safety standards, but that is small consolation if you’re one of the


Managing your Theromstat

Managing your thermostat doesn’t seem like something you need to do right, but it could save you so much money every year. And keep your house at its perfect temperature, just a few steps and you’ll be surprise on how much easy and more relaxing life can be. Call us today for any questions or


Controlling Indoor Air Quality is Good for Your Health

Have you been suffering from allergy or flu-like symptoms for a prolonged period? Have your family members or your co-workers been complaining about frequent headaches, chronic fatigue, aching joints and muscles or irritation of the eyes/nose/throat? If you answered yes to either question it might be an indication you’ve been breathing contaminated indoor air, which


Why Does My Toilet Keep Running?

Toilets are one of those simple household conveniences we tend to take for granted, so it befuddles us when something suddenly goes wrong. It can’t be too complicated of a problem, we think, but when we pop the top from the back of the tank we quickly realize we have no idea what we’re looking

Improve Overall Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Pollution

3 Ways you can Improve Overall Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Pollution

Here are 3 ways you can improve the Overall Air Quality and Pollution in your Home. Doing these can greatly improve your overall health and prolong your HVAC system life span. For more questions or service please give us a call, we service Ellsworth, Glenwood City, Hammond and surrounding area’s.